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I don’t really care though since I don’t use off-camera flash enough to warrant buying anything better.

Maybe when I gain more confidence with OCF I’ll invest in something else. version which I bought before I met Matt from Holdfast.

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It’s been almost 3 years since I launched Shotkit so I thought it was about time to submit my own kit. :p I’ve been a full time wedding photographer for just over a year now, having shot weddings alongside a desk job for a few years prior to that.

I shoot mainly in Sydney where I’ve been living for the past 7 years (I’m originally from the UK), with several destination weddings coming up around the world next year.

There’s something very satisfying about hopping onto my scooter to the airport with 2 bags balanced precariously on the back, knowing that I don’t need to waste my time waiting for checked luggage.

I’ve lost luggage several times on personal trips—once when I was a guest at a wedding in Poland where I had to borrow a hilarious suit 2 sizes too small, and ended up drunk-diving into a fountain… The point is, I don’t want to risk lost luggage on a paid job.

I keep it like this in my bag like a light-grenade, ready to deploy whenever I can be bothered.