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Accounts that are one day, or more, past the due date cannot be scheduled for a future date.

Make a payment by phone: Before making a payment, please read Service Terms for Making a Payment by Telephone. ET (Monday through Friday) will receive credit the following business day and be posted to your account within two business days. ET (Monday through Friday, weekends or holidays) will receive credit the second business day and be posted to your account within three business days. Government employee, you must enroll through your payroll department. If you have two or more vehicle accounts, you can enroll in Combined Billing.

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Whether your date’s a bit of an auto enthusiast, or you are, or both; take a trip to Lincolnshire Road Transport Museum.

The museum houses a collection of over 65 vintage cars, buses and commercial vehicles – so you're in luck if you hate that new car smell.

It’s great for a first meeting; relaxed, casual and sure to provide plenty of stimulating conversation fodder.

Not to mention it’s a free Lincoln dating option for those with a bank balance to watch.

There’s also the fully functioning Lincoln Mill on the street behind, and the real ales of the Victoria Pub a short walk away, so plenty to do if you want to extend the date further.