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Lana explains that she and Isaiah were "really good friends" and at one point "kinda dated." The duo actually met in an acting class and had a "few moments" together."This is so random, it's crazy! "I haven't seen Isaiah in a long time, in four years...pretty much since we broke up and this is too much right now."Before Isaiah leaves, Renee invites him to come to a pool party they're having tomorrow. Renee & Trinity Take Lana to Thunder Down Under: Even though Rusev is against the bachelorette party idea, Renee and Trinity still want to show Lana a good time and they take her to Thunder Down Under!

While there, Lana is even pulled up on stage by one of the male dancers.

"Isaiah assures Lana that she'll "be fine" and Lana admits she gets "scared" and wants to "run.""Look," Isaiah says.

"When you get scared and you think about runnin', run to him...that'll help you out."After her convo with Isaiah, Lana finds Trinity and Renee and they see that she's crying.

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