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Only Charley strikes out, when his (unseen) "sure thing" decides to give up her life as a stripper and work with disadvantaged children. Bea Arthur [ Dorothy Sbornak ], John Scott Clough [ Jim ], Cynthia Steele [ Mother #1 ], Mary Garripoli [ Mother #2 ], Matthew Kenmore [ Sick Kid ], Christopher Chas Robin [ Coughing Kid ] Barbara falls for neighbor Dorothy's visiting nephew.

Linda Thorson [ Janice Brattle ], James Staley [ Ted ], Jane Galloway [ Lucy ], Tony Longo [ Stan ], Gregory Itzin [ Frank ] Greykirk Corporation buys the hospital and insists that Harry must relocate his office after 25 years.

Harry is told off by an irate female doctor who returns to apologize and winds up in Harry's arms.

Even Dreyfuss gets to invite Alan's female dog upstairs.

This series was conceived by Susan Harris as a companion piece to her enormously successful , Estelle Getty's character of Sophia Petrillo became a regular cast member, perpetually seeking refuge with the Westons from her hated Shady Pines retirement home.