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By the end, she is Lucius’ equal, but the journey was not easy for her, and she had to overcome her own urge to run in order to truly rule.

* I have a leopard gecko named “Lancelot.” * I once toppled backwards out of a chair during a job interview, performing a complete somersault. * Intenselyromantic * Funny * Darklyintriguing * Inspiring (I may have made up two of those.) is written in chapters that switch perspective. If I’m going to invest my time in a book, it has to have an element of romance, even if it’s a mystery or thriller–and the higher the stakes, the better. As a kid reading The Lord of the Rings trilogy, I was most drawn to minor the romantic subplot involving the mortal Aragorn and the immortal Arwen. Somewhere out there, I must have parents who are perfect and magical!

* I own a trophy for finishing third-place in a hot-dog eating contest at the Bloomsburg, Pa., county fair. Did you write it in order, from beginning to end, or did you write all of one character’s chapters first? I wrote it in order, just allowing each character to “speak” when it seemed as though he or she had something to say. I’d be impatiently paging along, thinking, “Yeah, yeah, Gollum, ring, fires of doom . ” Then you realize that of course you belong with your crazy family–and you’re exactly like them.

Or will the traitor that framed Lucius find a way to destroy Jessica too?

Uncover the mystery when you read Beth Fantaskey’s .

Lucius is the powerful one who seems secure in his role as a ruler. Jessica is new to this whole thing and is very insecure and whiney.

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