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We eventually exchanged phone numbers and agreed to meet.

Today the mobile household recycling centre (mobile HRC) is at Norris Stores car park, Niton - open at 10am and closing at 2pm.

Please do not leave items here outside of these times.

“‘Fran’ aka Robert Brown said that she would send more if the victim would pay her money. In total the victim sent £600.”“Not only did he defraud the victims of their money but he also gloated to them at the end of his scam.

Over a 24 hour period he defrauded the first victim, a 27 year old man, of £600 and at the end of his scam he sent a voice message to the victim saying: ‘Thanks for the money mate …Hahaha Gutted’.

“After luring the second victim, a 29-year-old man, into giving him more than £1000, he laughed at him sending the following message saying ‘Hahaha, I know you sad xxx thanks its (sic) Dean haha’.