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Since I’m lucky to be able to drive or train to several countries within a few hours, travel is easy.Since I already deal with a foreign language on a regular basis, knowing I will at least speak English at hotels and sites actually means I speak more English when I travel than at home."I'm starting to get the baby moments where I'm like, ' Aww! "The second time around, we are kind of starting to talk about [marriage and] whether or not it would work out. "Whenever I'm with guys I never fight," she said.

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Did you have any hesitation about doing a TV show, or did it help that it was already a proven success with such talented people involved? It was a great opportunity to throw myself into a situation where I was acting alongside real professionals. I’m acting with real actors, but I’m playing myself, but I’m also playing a character, so it’s half and half.

It’s not full-force, but it’s a nice way to step into it and get a feel for what’s to come, and the TV world as well.

"I want to say like a month ago [we got together], but we dated a long time ago, like before he was famous…

We dated four or five years ago." So how did Cornett, 29, and the Entourage star, 35, reunite after their breakup?

I’m one of the first women that has the confidence of being sure of myself and not needing him, but wanting the relationship and enjoying being together.