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In general, it seems introverts are wired to process stimuli internally, while extroverts associate rewarding feelings with external stimuli.

As a result, introverts become overstimulated and overwhelmed by too much socialization, whereas extroverts are energized by the same conditions, "That common idea that introverts are refueled by pulling away and extroverts are refueled by seeking out people and activities – it all comes down to how we process information," said Helgoe, who is also an introvert married to an extrovert.

What you find relaxing and what you find stressful can color and influence how you experience everything else in your life, after all!

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For introvert/extrovert couples, questions of how much space each person needs and even what to do on a Saturday night are all the more heightened — and they might have trouble coming to understand each other's point of view.

by psychiatrist Carl Jung, extroverts are believed to gather energy through social interactions, whereas introverts feel drained by too much socializing and gather energy through solitude.

Last-minute plans to spend time with people you don't know? But if you're an extrovert, you probably see Eric's side: What's so bad about spending an evening catching up with pleasant people?

While such an argument might be minor for most couples, for Kirstin and Eric it was very much a real dilemma.

Jordi said her boyfriend can tell when she's upset but she often isn't ready to talk about it, even though his natural instinct is to start talking it through instantly.

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