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We’re not talking about sexual harassment and brazen insensitivity here; successful guys have too much respect for their coworkers to fall into those traps.

But if you were interrogated for offenses like failure to motivate, insufficient coaching, or piss-poor feedback, how would you stand up under questioning?

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Any boss needs to know the laws governing his trade and, what the hell, the laws of common sense and decency, as well.

But there are other important guidelines you need to follow: the interpersonal rules that affect the people you work with.

Do you show that you are concerned about their growth and development within the company?

Bosses can be remarkably narcissistic, selfish, and self-absorbed.

That’s why I call this idea the Law of Building a Cathedral: When people don’t think they’re building a cathedral, they think they’re chopping stone, and no one likes to think they are chopping stone.

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