Intentional friendship dating

(Share this) My husband says that attending weddings is like hanging out with God where it matters (Malachi 14: 2a) So that’s how we do it in Kenya : ) Again, this is an overall “sketch” of things, not a hard and fast rule.

That sweet boy who was “just a good friend” has gone and broken your heart. Let’s start by saying you’re not the first girl this has happened to. That was written well before the term “friend zone” was coined, back in the days when “brother in Christ” simply referred to fellow Christians, and yet Eponine falls for her best friend and makes “broken-hearted” an understatement.

After all, men and women are designed to be attracted to one another and the more you have in common, the more you hang out, the closer you become, the more likely it is for those feelings to kick in.

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) But our mentor’s input put us at a much better place to work out and navigate challenges.

And that’s my desire and focus in this new place, to help you navigate the challenges of the the years through sharing thoughts and insights that have worked in my own life.

Towards the end of a two year friendship, we felt the sparks and individually made our way to our mentors. Why “check in” with your mentors/pastors, you might ask.

Because you know And even if you are, you don’t know how to grow and nurture real love.

I am only in my 6th year of marriage so it’s no head knowledge either – I am walking it out daily!