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Others realized that their feelings were intensified by not sharing day-to-day living arrangements with their lover.

Almost all of the women in this latter category were having affairs with married men.

I asked her if there was another person and of course she said no, but over the last two months, she has stated to me and our children that she wants to fix things but she…

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Moreover, if an ancestral woman bore a child with this extra-marital partner, she also increased genetic variety in her descendants.

Infidelity had unconscious biological payoffs for both males and females throughout prehistory, thus perpetuating the biological underpinnings and taste for infidelity in both sexes today.

Some of the women who continued their affairs stated that marital sex was improved by maintaining the extramarital relationship.

Some thought the lover was a soul mate, but for one reason or another did not leave their husband and did not feel torn between the two.

Many of the divorced women who had remarried and were several years into their new marriages seemed somewhat reluctant to talk about the specifics of their past experiences.