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Mexico also faces the violence and insecurity forged by its long war with narcotics traffickers.

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Rosaura had twelve brothers and sisters, one brother of whom became a composer...

Andrea Palma became the first diva of Mexican cinema, when she appeared in the tragic leading role of Rosario, the prostitute of La mujer del puerto, one of the iconic films of the "cine de pecadoras" genre that became a staple in the Mexican film industry. Cosmé Mc Moon (born Cosmé Mc Munn; February 22, 1901 - August 22, 1980) was a Mexican-American musician, pianist and composer, best known as the accompanist to notably tone-deaf soprano Florence Foster Jenkins.

Nonetheless, Durango's City Council has moved on multiple fronts to change the community's destiny.

Through an agreement with Telmex and a foundation funded by Telmex owner Carlos Slim, Durango is installing Wi Fi hotspots in schools, libraries and public places, with 25 operational to date and 100 planned for 2013.

It is an important mining and commercial center and is famous for the great mountain of iron that lies northwest of the city.