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Short film is based on a award-winning feature screenplay of the same name. Will be responsible for capturing not only consistency in filming somewhat but also photo shoots for media/promotional material.

Shooting is underground in an old war bunker, would be great for portfolio since this is not even open to the public.

This results in one of his best friends, David, double-crossing him.

It concludes with Ronnie standing up to his father and moving away with his mom. Please submit headshot/resumes to [email protected] CALL: HBU Student film is recreating scene 14 from “Paths of Glory” and is seeking three cast members to play military officers responding to a mission gone wrong.

plug_id=s3/3673302/THE-BOOK-OF-JOHN-GRAY-SHARE-YOUR-STORY CASTING CALL: Nealby Films short film project is seeking two actors to play cops who look like they're from the 1980s. Please send headshots/resumes to [email protected] CALL: Student film “Godspeed” is seeking cast for a short film to be shot 2-3 days a week over a one month period in the Friendswood area.