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In this post, we’ll be listing (and constantly updating) real life testimonials from people who have experienced life-changing results from their Whole30 program.

From asthma to blood pressure to circulation to diabetes, we’re sharing Whole30 results here, all in one spot, to motivate, inspire and encourage someone (maybe even you) to give the program a shot. Submit your results as related to a specific condition, symptom, disease or affliction (including your first name, last initial and city/state) to [email protected] Since doing the Whole 30 I have had no reflux at all and can eat all the foods that would give me reflux before with no problems at all – even green peppers, tomato, raw carrots and raw broccoli.” “I started the Whole30 at 218lbs, 37 inch waist, and no energy.

These 30 days have been life altering and awesome.” “I was 14 (1975) and at the doctor for a foot problem the first time someone remarked on my acne. All of my pain started within a year of having my son and having a C-section.

I haven’t taken a pill and haven’t been sick since.” – Read Judy’s story here: See Sabrina’s photo documentary here: taking medicine for years to combat adult acne – which was bad enough that my wife went to the Mayo Clinic seeking relief – both of us are off all our medication, and our skin has never looked better.” “Finished my first Whole30 yesterday, and I feel great. I’ve had acne since the 5th grade, and my face hasn’t been this clear since then.

I just cannot express how incredibly happy I am for doing this.

This past spring was especially bad, so much so that my doctor suspected that I had developed new allergies and recommended having me retested.

Today is Day 22 in my Whole30 journey, and I had my allergy testing this morning. I tested NEGATIVE to almost everything, and the two things I did react to were mild reactions. “My wife and I have had terrible seasonal allergies for several years. We are off all allergy meds – which we used to take like candy. After taking both a pill and nose spray for much of her 4 years of life, her allergy symptoms are better now than they have ever been.” “We were curious to see if the Whole30 would help our 8-year-old, who has allergies, eczema, and asthma.

The few times I tried to stop medication, I immediately contracted walking pneumonia again.