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She spends the next few months continuously chatting with strangers, much to the chagrin of her boyfriend, Damien, and friends Jenni and Max.Though most of her chats are quickly ended due to sexual content or scams, she accumulates plenty of data and is optimistic about the outcome of the project.

For her graduate project in sociology, she proposes to chat with as many strangers as possible and calculate how many meaningful conversations she can accumulate.

The graduate board reluctantly gives her a grant, with the help of Sally, one of her friends on the graduate board pushing for her approval.

Without adequate security protections in place, hackers can use the camera and microphone to spy on babies and use the speaker to communicate with them.

The Shodan search engine is able to capture images from these baby monitors by using a bot to trawl the Internet looking for cameras that use something called the Real Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP).

However, both the police and other users of The Den turn out to be unhelpful.