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Later on the roles are reversed and Rachel has to cheer them up. Ross falsely claims that his laundromat has suffered a rat infestation so he can spend time with Rachel at her laundromat.

Rachel gets into an argument with a bully at the laundry mat who attempts to steal her machine, even though the former had already placed her basket on top of the aforementioned machine.

Rachel also met Chandler Bing for the first time at Thanksgiving at Ross and Monica's house.

Eventually drifting apart from Monica and Ross, Rachel met and got engaged to an orthodontist named Barry Farber, another careless and unpleasant-natured individual who was unfaithful toward her, cheating on her with both her best friend, Mindy and her selfish, shallow, unpleasant, self-absorbed sister Amy (although she didn't learn of this until after she eventually broke it off with him).

Rachel's sorority sisters enter Central Perk and they rush over to Rachel and the four ladies reunite and hug.