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Or the sisters who struggled through renewal in the course of Vatican II.

This is the time to begin to talk about the implications of change theologically, psychologically, institutionally.

To suppress the question now can only delay its coming and, at the same time, increase its impact when it does.

This question, I wrote, brings together a trio of issues that underlie resistance to any major movement for cultural change but which must be considered in the course of any major social shift.

They are: The very nature of social change itself must be a major consideration for those whose commitment is to minister in a society in flux. Once it has begun, the change has already happened. It is the process of change itself that must be understood if ministers are to be the bridge between the Holy Spirit and the institution.

The question assumed, of course, that the position of the faithful and the position of the official teaching magisterium might differ on the issues in question.

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