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Don’t you just wish you could hit the snooze for a week and forget about all the things you need to Continue reading I noticed something last weekend, in-between some projects and travel schedule. I was watching my daughter try and ride her tricycle, something that generally comes so easy to a six year old. She is still trying Continue reading Every year I think about what I will write on World Down Syndrome Day about where I am, where my daughter is and where our family is going as we navigate the diagnosis of Down syndrome that we received a little over 6 years ago. They started out Continue reading The weather has been so interesting this year.Freezing one day, snowing the next, and then sunshine with 50 degrees.

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Confronting real-life issues such as early marriage has helped Yegna not only have an impact on girls’ lives, but also changed how boys and men view a girl’s role within Ethiopian society.

About 75 per cent of girl listeners say Yegna has helped them make realistic plans for their future and more than half of adult listeners have said the show has encouraged them to keep their children in school.

This summer was not exactly what I wished for Continue reading Somewhere in between 14 years and today I forgot how to say yes.

So long that I couldn’t even log into my site without numerous texts to my friend and graphic designer Dan. I am not sure what is happening lately but inspiration has been falling from Continue reading Coming off a 3 day weekend full for friends and family inspires me to be better. Time is just, time and unfortunately none of us have a lot of it so making the best of the time we have is always the most fulfilling.

The girls using radio waves to make change in Ethiopia If you haven’t heard of Yegna, you are missing out on something big.