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The Hollywood sex symbol delighted fans by agreeing to come back for the final episodes of the long-running series where he was reunited onscreen with on/off love nurse Carol Hathaway, played by actress Julianna Margulies.

Producers kept the date secret to maximise ratings while pundits speculated Clooney, 47, would only re-enter the fray in ER's final episode, to be broadcast on 2 April.

(April 2006): Plays Helene in "Festen" play by David Eldridge based on the "Dogme" film and play by Thomas Vinterberg, Mogens Rukov and Lars Bo Jensen (Music Box Theatre, New York City, New York, USA).

George clooney julianna margulies dating

She was standing up and hugging her in front of everyone.” The situation grew even more strained at the after-parties, as dozens of George’s friends and acquaintances – both men and women – vied for his attention.

“Elisabetta bristled at the parade of women who were very affectionate with kisses and some whispers and laughter – and the fact that George enjoyed the attention…

Verne Gay, of Newsday, wrote, 'For true blue ER fans, the cup had runneth over,' while Entertainment Weekly's Ken Tucker said: 'I'm only half-joking when I say that his performance probably did a lot to increase organ donation.' Clooney made his name playing pediatric trauma specialist Dr Doug Ross between 19.

He left the show as a regular in February 1999, but returned in May 2000, when he showed up in a final scene in what was Margulies' last episode.

I seem to remember photos of her in Italy several days ago? But I don’t think I’m wrong about her not lasting too much longer.