Gay online dating site

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First, I was shocked at how quickly I got matches with only 30 percent of my profile complete.

I was even more shocked that of the 26 I received, right out the gate, 14 of them on first glance -- you know the visual approval thingy based on their photos -- were guys that if I were single, I'd be wearing my little digits out, typing them "Hello, nice to meet you," messages.

Ok, Holy Grail is a ginormous stretch, but there are those in the dating world that swear that online dating gives them the best variety of possibilities, while affording them anonymity and being able to move at a pace they determine rather than being blindsided at a dinner party with the tried and oh so fake, "I'm so glad you're both here. " Of Course, my first response is, "Outside the bar!

" After the void of silence prevails while they try to catch up with my punch line, they realize that I'm saying, "Get out of the bars and into your life, and Mr. Right will find you and you will find them." I know. 13 years and counting to say, but the truth is, you've got to spread your wings and try a little bit of everything.

There's the Hook-up route using apps like Tinder, Scruff, Dattch, Grinder, Pure, Growler and even the 3-way app, 3nder, for those seeking a little more adventure, fun and challenge along the way towards LOVE ROCKS.