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While imprisoned he has been a critic of prison conditions, serially complaining and also demanding a cell by the coast, a soft-bristled toothbrush and an orthopedic mattress.

These bad boys free emoticons have sure got some attitude. Use these bad boys free emoticons in msn messenger chats and you'll gain instant respect. And by the way, girls can use these free emoticons too. One thing we would recommend is to be careful who you're sharing these free emoticons with.

However, they apply to texting girls you just met, hadn’t hooked up with as yet, nor went on a date with. So if she texts, “ I like vanilla ice cream a lot but hate strawberry. But do not make the mistake to send her 7 messages when she only sent you 4.

*Few years ago, my reply text would read something long like this: Damn I hate vanilla ice cream so much it’s not even funny!

Convicted 'playboy rapist', Simon Monteiro, told the New South Wales state parole board it's 'in the public interest' that he be released from prison.