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Yes, it is true that when teachers fresh out of college get their first jobs they tend to watch to challenge the students, but I again cannot imagine that commonly a new teacher, or any teacher, would expect a ninth grader to read and understand.

As it is the case for most professions, it is also competitive and critics are constantly trying to be original and leave their mark through their insightful analysis. Thats right, the man peering in the bowels of the castle at Wewelsberg and walking in the snows of Dachau is an expert in Old English literature and history. The lesson here is not so much better poetry or more faithful, supposed scholarly dullness versus poetic spark as it is recognition that each book is an edition, that a critical awareness need develop to the physical artefact in ones hands hookups and the cultural looking purposes.

Isn't "foreign" a word whose meaning derives, partly, as Sonia points out, from how we "look" at the past, and where we think we come from in that past?

Its narrator and on-screen host is a highly charismatic Brit by the name of Michael Wood you can currently see him on PBS doing In Search of Shakespeare.

Money is meant to be spent, but still be responsible.