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For the Home Signal box to work properly, your broadband needs a download speed of 1Mbps or higher to make calls or send texts.Please check with your fixed broadband provider as to the speeds available in your location.

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Before You Use the Home Signal You must provide us with the address at which the Home Signal will be used, as well as your contact details if different.

Your Home Signal has been provided for use in a residential address only and for security and technical reasons must only be used at the specified and agreed address for which it is provided.

If you reach this limit on a Feel at Home Around the World destination, you won’t be able to use your plan abroad for the remainder of your current billing cycle.

You can also use a portion of your All-you-can-eat data units within the UK and our Feel At Home in Europe destinations each month on our pay monthly plans to create a personal hotspot (All-you-can-eat data plans include 30GB Personal Hotspot), allowing you to connect more than 1 device to the internet at once – how many depends on your contract start date, but may be up to 30,720 data units. If you’re a Pay as You Go customer, you will be able to create a personal hotspot if you have credit at 1p/MB.

All-you-can-eat minutes & texts There’s no hidden “fair use policies” with our All-you-can-eat text units or voice units allowances when using your device in the UK or in our Feel At Home in Europe destinations – we just ask that you use this allowance in accordance with our Terms for Three Services – that is, for personal use only, and not for any illegal, commercial or improper purposes.