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I think she'd find it unnatural to be anything but exploratory, dangerous and challenging." One has to wonder whether this risk-taking actress found her groove after her 2001 divorce from the famous-for-control Cruise.

During their marriage, she starred in the new book on Scientology by Pulitzer Prize winner Lawrence Wright, in which her divorce from Cruise is blamed on the "cult" religion and heavily referred to.

She was gang-raped in 's Korean director Park Chan-wook, is a moody gothic art film/horror hybrid in which Kidman plays Mia Wasikowska's icy mother, who might or might not be a murderess.

"Her recent choices don't surprise me," says director Baz Luhrmann, who shifted her career with 2001's "You can identify careers where actors like Nicole find something that works for them and have simply mined that vein for a very lucrative and comfortable career -- it's no criticism -- but Nicole goes out of her way to walk on the razor's edge as an artist.

There's a lot more shit in there that was cut out, believe me.