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I recognize that I'm good at one thing and not as good at another.

So I could do other styles just for fun but I don't see a big point in trying to be like a rebel. Usually there is so many things I would like to do that it doesn’t end up high on my to-do list.

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For the past decade that Jonathan has been living in Tucson, he has come to hold a tremendous appreciation for its burgeoning music and arts scene.

This passion has acted as the trampoline that jettisoned him into the position he is now, dishing out articles on great music for Pop Matters, For Folk's Sake (where he is North American Editor), his personal site Tucsound, and other publications.

For me it's been about taking time to write, taking time to record, taking time to release, taking time to tour. Right now I'm out with Vestiges & Claws and I'm already sort of making plans for '16 to do shows with y Music and maybe a string orchestra from Gothenburg and Berlin. Slightly more than an ensemble but still few enough to get that warmth and lots of character.

So whenever I'm doing one thing, I'm not able to do anything else. I wanted to talk about your video for "Open Book" with the worm.

Junip is sort of on hold but it's not like we're broken up. That worm is also in the Calexico video ["Falling From the Sky"].