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We want our dogs to be good family dogs, and breed for a balanced and better, calmer temperament and sweeter dispositions, concentrating on temperament, health, conformation and correctness of type for the breed.Our Russells still have the working ability, but they can turn it 'on or off.' Some of our Irish lines you'd have to teach them how to hunt.: The taller Parson Jack Russell Terrier, the 12" - 16" hunting dogs were brought here in the frontier times by the English settlers.

Though no recalls have been issued, FDA had serious concerns about this pet food plant.“your firm did not provide documentation associated with the evaluation of the entire lot of product affected by the process deviation and did not provide documentation and/or the specifics of your corrective action plan in order to ensure that your firm will prevent these occurrences in the future.”FDA also found temperature drop concerns with the pet food manufactured at this plant.

Law requires canned pet food to be heated to specific temperatures and any variations of these required temperatures are required to be noted in a log.

We have diligently searched and found undiluted bloodlines and healthier dogs.

From legendary bloodlines vigilantly protected by a handful of breeders.

Newest results of safety tests on random pet foods: 4 previously thought of as safe, previously well-regarded name brands. Everyone was shocked to see the big names like Royal Canin, Blue and Wellness.