Female psychology online dating

Car icon made by Icon Show is licenced for non-commercial use. Finally, we checked that the anonymization had worked. This study was part of a MSc thesis, and was approved by the supervising professor (disclaimer: the supervising professor is one of the authors).

Data was collected electronically by the portal, so it can be expected that no typos or similar errors are present in the data. As we did not engage in any contact with the individuals contacting our straw persons it appears unlikely that strong emotions and strong negative affect occurred. data primary data (anonymized) CSV English CC-BY-4 none 2016-08-17 5063 observations of 9 variables. The data set allows for testing (replicating) some of the main claims of evolutionary psychology with regard to human mating.

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Female psychology online dating

Thus, there should be an incentive for females to prefer males with an outlook of secure breeding of the offspring.

Social status and in particular financial wealth are widely viewed as predictors of such reproductive success (Buss 2009; Buss 2015).

Given strong effect sizes, large sample size, and high interest in human mating, this data set should be of interest for applied researchers in human mating and social psychology.

A central claim of evolutionary psychology is that social status has a positive impact on female mating strategy; men exhibiting higher social status are expected to attract more women compared to men with lower social status (Buss 2015).

Two type of response variables were collected: Whether a “match” occurred (n=3515), and whether a message was sent to the profile (n=1548).