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Rather than telling a massive, sweeping story, each of the first season’s 10 episodes focuses on a royal crisis of the week, in essence. There are places where that results in lots of repetition — you’ll likely tire of constant reminders of how the queen and her sister, Princess Margaret (Vanessa Kirby), have a strained relationship.But it also allows for stories where the characters wrestle with crises that aren’t easily solved — like a deadly smog that envelops London, or the gossip that swirls around the divorcee Margaret falls in love with.Soaking up the sun, the beauty showed off her phenomenal physique with her toned stomach and bust taking centre stage.

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Matt Smith, best known as the 11th Doctor from Foy plays the queen’s calculations between how much of a person she can be, and how much of a monarchical symbol, almost entirely in her eyes.

You can see her thoughts whirring away behind them, the power that hangs over her like a shadow growing ever more omnipresent.

And throughout it all, her relationship with Margaret garners focus.

The show is perhaps a constrained to truly pull this off.

It’s an odd beast, this show, a little like the institution it represents. is reportedly the most expensive series Netflix has greenlit yet, with a budget north of 100 million British pounds (around $120 million at the current exchange rate). The sets, costumes, makeup, and slow, gliding camerawork all invite viewers to become lost in this other world that is not so far from our own (it is, after all, just 1950s England) but also feels like somewhere else entirely.