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His daughter is moving out and into her first apartment, and men have come to take away her things. It's fascinating." For summer, there has been a haircut, although, fresh out of bed, it looks spry as ever. At forty-three, Richards is genially divorced from his wife of eighteen years, who is, conveniently, a family therapist.

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"George is Larry David's id," says Larry Charles.

"He embodies all the dark impulses that Larry David has occasionally acted upon." Alexander frets: "There are times when George walks the line of really being kind of hateful, but ultimately his heart's in the right place." Indeed, Seinfeld has said that a George spinoff could only be titled , but he's definitely not a loser."NOBODY PLAYS JASON ALEXANDER IN REAL LIFE. "I'm doing things in this car you have no idea are going on!

David and Seinfeld modeled the series on their rapport: "We wanted the show to be about those idiotic conversations we have all the time," says David, meaning about Nothing.

Thus, when we see George and Jerry discuss how the words seltzer and salsa might confuse a Mexican waiter, we see David and Seinfeld.

"Exits are show stoppers," he says, knowing he has made the most of entrances. This is where Alvy Singer lost Annie Hall forever, after ordering the plate of mashed yeast that never came. This is the Source health-food restaurant, on Sunset Boulevard, where I find Jason Alexander, who is George Costanza, who is not unlike Woody Allen in character. He is a Tony Award-winning Broadway refugee now gone west, where both money and diets are more plentiful. " he has just announced, having explored his share. I'm the one who said to him: ' Fabio, grow the hair!