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Pick your model poison really, because she embodied all the "bad girl" behavior we associate with PYTs.

She convinced Jenny to leave Eleanor Waldorf's wrap-dress clad bosom for the cold, hard fashion world solo — but then when Jenny split from Agnes to go on her own, Agnes responded like any adult would: She burned Jenny's entire collection.

Hey, Upper East Siders, ever wonder what happened to the scheming socialites and Gatsby-esque villains who seemed to always circle S and B?

Well we know all their secrets, and we're totally here to tell.

preferring to focus her attention on her band, The Pretty Reckless.

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    15 minutes later, I was standing on the doorstep of the place, about to ring the doorbell. So, what is the spiritual significance of finding dimes? Without fail when I need confirmation about a change or something in my life, my guides show me dimes. No matter what your interpretation is, finding loose change around is a sign from the spirit world. I think publishing this article today was the right choice. Or share this article with your friends, family and Facebook pals!

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    If you click the links above it’ll look like they go to the same page, but I assure you they’re different.

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    Yes, you guessed it right, the communication of choice is purely through text messages.