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Ignoring money matters can allow issues to fester and grow until without warning, that boutique organic chocolate you bought 2 months ago can shake every solid foundation of your relationship.A 2015 study by Relationships Australia found around 85% of people surveyed believed financial problems pushed couples apart.

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“You can’t expect your partner to treat money the same way as you do or to value the same types of spending as you,” he tells us.

The best way to understand your partner is to ask them directly. While it’s key in all areas of a relationship, when it comes to money, it’s essential to get right.

Buy a new handbag, but not a designer one if you can’t afford it,” she suggests.

Ultimately our goals around talking about money are based on three main things: healthy communication, honesty and team work.

No one really likes talking about money – even the ones who have a lot of it.

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