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We are in the business of helping employees by providing practical, cost effective advice which best meets the individualized needs of our clients and compliment that service with experience aggressively litigating employment claims in Ohio’s state and federal courts and administrative agencies. Matthews practices throughout Ohio and frequently represents the interests of employees in wrongful termination cases, sexual and racial harassment claims, reviewing and negotiating severance agreements, reviewing non-compete agreements, unemployment compensation hearings, written and oral contract cases, discrimination claims, retaliation cases, public sector employee proceedings, due process violations, civil service appeals, State Personnel Board of Review proceedings, Merit System Protection Board cases, arbitrations, contract negotiations, Ohio Civil Rights Commission charges, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission cases, Family and Medical Leave Act violations, Americans with Disabilities Act cases, workers compensation retaliation cases, whistleblower cases, complaints filed under the False Claims Act, and other public and private sector workplace disputes.

Sexual harassment may involve persons of the same sex or opposite sex.

Ohio’s prohibition against sexual harassment in the workplace is found in Ohio Revised Code Section 4112.

Schedule a consultation to discuss your potential FMLA case.