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To work like it should, the edge of the breaker must contact the blade perfectly, or else shavings can jam in the gap and choke your plane. To close the gap, hone the underside of the leading edge on lat.To establish a consistent angle, move the chipbreaker as shown in Photo A, keeping the screw hole aligned with the edge of your honing platform.Some tune-up articles lead off with frog tune-up, but I recommend doing this step last for two reasons. First, clean up the frog’s wider rear contact points.

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A soup-to-nuts treatment can be expensive and time consuming.

There’s also a risk that overwork might diminish a tool’s value or even damage it. As a card-carrying member of the “If it ain’t broke, don’t ix it” society, I’ve combined techniques gleaned from other stories, conversations with tool collectors, and my own experience to develop a three-level tuning strategy.

Pick a plane, any plane (almost) To figure out how planes work, it’s best to start with one that's been around the block a few times.

In addition to Stanley Baileys and Bedrocks, you may fi nd decent planes bearing names including Sergeant, Miller’s Fall, Victor, or Winchester.

While you’re at it, polish the top of the chipbreaker to minimize friction against the approaching shavings.

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