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The advance is normally paid in several instalments: on signing of the contract, on delivery of the final typescript, on hardback publication and/or on paperback publication. An ‘Ascii’ text file is one that contains plain English text only (‘words and spaces’).

Advances are paid against future earnings (royalties), which means the author doesn’t receive further royalty payments until the advance has been earned out. Preserves all features of Illustrator files, and usually saves faster and is smaller than an equivalent EPS file, but cannot be imported into Quark layouts. Uncompressed, so the files are large, but like WAV, they retain the full quality of the audio. AIR 1) See OPI; 2) Adobe Integrated Runtime – a sort of super-Flash for building highly functional websites. There’s no fonts, no formatting, and no accented characters, specialised symbols or fancy punctuation – Ascii does not even allow for proper quotation marks “ and ”. Each asset has a value, recorded in the general ledger, and the value decreases as they get older (this reduction in value is ‘depreciation’); 2) See digital asset management. Asterism Character looking like three asterisks, often arranged in a triangle like this: ⁂ (your browser may not show this character properly).

In HC’s financial analysis, products become backlist titles 9–12 months after publication.

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one square metre, with an aspect ratio of 1:√2), A1 is half that size, A2 is a quarter of A0, A3 an eighth, so A4 is one sixteenth of a square metre, 297 × 210mm.

B-size sheets are used for posters etc, and C-sizes for envelopes.

Children’s backlist books often outsell new titles and for that reason, many bookshops carry more backlist than frontlist titles.

Thorsons is another good example of strong backlist performance.

Backlist Books published in previous years that are still in print.