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Eric Shahan, who translated the scroll into English, says it reads in part: ‘It is best to err on the side of caution and not enter a mountain road infested with brigands.’ In other words, don’t fight with too many enemies at one time lest you be overwhelmed by numbers.And hearkening to an old cliché in English that notes a little learning can be a dangerous thing, the scroll states: ‘A little bit of military training can be the cause of great injury.’ Fumio Manaka, a Japanese martial artist in the style of kobudo, translated the medieval text into modern Japanese. Shahan, a Japanese translator and third-degree black belt in kobudo, then translated it into English, Live Science states.

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The ancients were cleverer than some people today assume.

They didn’t have rockets or electricity, at least no indisputable proof has been found of such technologies, but they did come up with technology that we don’t usually associate with the ancient world.

Many other Japanese martial arts books could be translated and studied more, Mr. He told Live Science: ‘Then, they all need to be dated correctly, and then we can lay [out] the whole scenario of how martial arts evolved from the 14th-17th centuries.

It is important to note that in Japan it wasn't until after the unification of Japan under the Tokugawa shogunate [in 1603] that books about martial arts began to emerge.

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