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But when their dad got a job in Nashville in 1991, the family moved to Middle Tennessee and, through twists of fate and hard luck, their first Thanksgiving became a pivotal moment.The artistic Smallbone family is best known today for Christian rock.

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The Smallbones slept on bundled laundry on the floor, the same place they shared daily prayer. James said their parents encouraged the kids to pray for specific needs.

Joel Smallbone remembers praying for God to give them a car."I can still picture it," he said, seated with his dad and brother Luke in his parents' Williamson County home.

Joel Smallbone was 7 and remembers checking the pay phones for change and eating as much as he could at breakfast because he knew it might be his only meal.

After two weeks in the hotel, the family moved into a rented Williamson County house where the landlord often "forgot" to collect rent.

One of my other passions is undergraduate student-faculty collaborative research, because it was incredibly beneficial to me early on in my career.