Dating on earth konusu

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As that settles at about the 5 minute mark you are left with a juicy orange with a slight mixture of aromatic incense (definitely not the same incense in bleu de Chanel). Longevity wise I get anywhere between 8-12 hours with strong projection the first 4-5 hours.

At about $30 for a 100ml, this has some solid bang for buck and can be an awesome signature scent; it is mine!

I realize that skin chemistry alters fragrances, to some extent, but I didn't realize how different this one could smell on less than full testosterone-laden skin.. I don't like to repeat others but this is by far the better of the flankers and other versions of aqua !

Anyway, I was impressed how well this one smelled on the ladies too! the patchouli gives this a good performance and seems to burst with aquatic notes throughout the day ,love it This perfume is AMAZING.

Anything with a Neroli vibe is always going to be a nice frag, difference is that this lasts.