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Filters Mambu allows you to filter journal entries based on a various number of constraints.

You can filter by any journal entry specific details (entry ID, date, branch GL Account, amount etc) or by any detail related to the transaction associated with it.

The One Up Journal Entry Importer does many checks to make sure you don’t import accounting entries poorly.

Here are some of the error messages you can receive and common solutions to fixing them.

The filename does not end in “.csv” and the importer is ignoring it.

To conform One Up’s Chart of Accounts, you may need to: Once your charts of account match, you can continue. If you have any difficulty conforming your chart of accounts, please reach out to our support experts.

Each accounting solution has a different method of retrieving journal entries to be processed by One Up.

Other transactions will need to be entered manually such as payroll or asset depreciation, for example.