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Magnolia placed fifth in the Class-AAA with 54 points, while the Silver Knights finished sixth.In class A/AA River finished in eighth place, while Parkersburg South won the Class-5A, Steubenville in Class-4A, Martins Ferry in 3-A and Shadyside Class A/AA.50 cm großen Rüden, ein neues Zuhause gesucht werden.

Parkersburg South won the the overall title once more in the 64th annual Ron Mauck Wrestling Tournament three-day event inside the newly remodeled Wes Banco arena in Wheeling this past weekend.

Forty of the 53 OVAC schools competed with over 318 wrestlers in the three-day tournament.

Also in contrast to their mothers, today's generation of young women, Weiss says, have tougher decisions to make when it comes to settling down.

"Now that women are just as career-obsessed as men, it's a much harder decision to make about whom they end up with," she said.

"As a native Chicagoan, I am excited for all my friends and family to get a chance to see the movie they all have heard so much about," he says.