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He convinces Jimmy to go into business designing t-shirts together but the stresses of industry might break their friendship.

Things intensify between Emma and Sean, and when she takes time off from Peter to consider her relationship with Sean, Peter takes action.

The N doesn't have Disney's marketing budget, and none of Degrassi's principals have yet starred in a major movie or released an album, but the show has won adult fans, including myself.

I am 24, and I anticipate and analyze new Degrassi episodes with the fervor my co-workers dedicate to American Idol, Desperate Housewives, or even Lost.

Now Emma navigates the high school cliques, drama, and occasional student activism of Degrassi Community School.

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    2PM - 2PM Best ~2008-2011 in Korea~ (Album 2012) 275.

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    This is a simple redirect to an existing UK landline (01 or 02 number) and there is no charge for this.

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    We welcome Cyprus to Division One; also Qatar; South Sudan; Bahrain and Kosovo; all of which join Div 4 (their populations have now passed the million mark).

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    I tweeted out asking if ladies would date a guy with a hotmail, and the response was overwhelmingly "no way". My friend was shaken; he signed up for Gmail that night.