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The fact that the specific Saab electrical system turned out to be heavily failure-prone didn’t help.

consolidating touch points for saab-49

But, in a spirit of “we know better,” almost everything was changed, including the entire wiring and electrical system, as well as the engineering-intensive heating and air-conditioning unit.

Since Saab sourced these and others to new suppliers, the economies of scale were lost, and the car became needlessly expensive.

But what of the lonely, somewhat undernourished wallflower over there, the one called Saab? [Yes, he really wrote that – SW] The very weirdness of the cars endeared them to those in academia and other intellectuals.

Saab ownership was like a badge of non-conformity, of daring individualism.

The Bob Lutz I don’t like is the one who cancelled nearly all of Saab’s proposed model range in the few years after GM took 100% ownership of Saab.

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