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) Note: Lloyd and I communicated by email for several months prior to his arrival.Thank you so much for all of your help with organizing such an awesome experience!

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The overriding reason was to visit the latter two islands as my uncle participated in their invasion by U. forces (his unit was the 534th Amphibian Tractor Battalion) during WWII. And until you've discovered Saipan, you can't really say you know US, now can you? Thousands visit Saipan's white sand beaches and enjoy Saipan's water sports, world class diving, unique mix of cultures and more!

He lived a long and full life, but like many vets, he did not discuss his service. I am so happy that I learned of Walt and Discover, and with a friend booked Walt’s personalized tour. The indigenous Chamorro and Carolinian populations of Micronesia first discovered Saipan, and have been living here for thousands of years before the Spanish and even the Germans discovered it! US military personnel and their families know Saipan.

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- As a Caribbean, I have a positive bias towards island living. - Being a native English-speaker, I fill a need in this part of the world!