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Turned out, Li Dao was something even more sinister than anyone thought correspondent Nadya Labi took us into the shadowy cyber-world of "Li Dao," a seemingly sweet nurse doling out advice in suicide chat rooms on how to best end one's life.With the investigative sleuthing of a few people from all over the world, that nurse—who turned out to be a middle-aged man named William Melchert-Dinkel—was charged with assisting in two suicides.There are multiple roleplaying chat rooms throughout Chatango that focus on the Pokémon franchise. Pokemon Roleplay 1000 - A once very-popular chat which became dead after serious drama issues and the former owner quitting Chatango.

It was founded by Pika/Pichu04289, who left the chat in favor of The Eevee Clan.

The Eevee Clan - A chat that is full of drama, even to this day. The Poke RP - Much like its predecessors, Pokemon Role Plays 100, this chat wasn't nearly as famous as its formers.

In summer 2016, Disney owns the prize weekends for its next “Captain America” sequel, for “Alice Through the Looking Glass,” for “Incredibles 2” and a new Spielberg film, “The BFG,” among other pictures, almost all of them preordained hits.

Anthology film “Star Wars: Rogue One” has secured a holiday-season release.

Iger’s corporate crunchers informed the city fathers that it would allot $1.5 billion to expand the theme park, provided no one ever mentioned a tax again for 45 years.

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    I hope this distribution still light not like xubuntu full of gnome app i really like lubuntu i have a acer aspire 5532 and i am using lubuntu because is just amazing i don't like gnome and kde ew. Lubuntu not just for old computers :) -Javier The only version of Py Neighborhood (the LAN file tranfer client) worth offering is the latest version 0.5.1rc, because it's the only one that works!

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