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On the other hand, if using those technologies is not considered cheating, the monogamy narrative remains in tact. Still, it’s unlikely the technology wouldn’t affect cultural norms around relationships.

Just as hook-up apps have changed the culture of dating, hook-up hardware will almost inevitably change the cultural conversation around sex, forcing user to — at minimum — draw distinctions between the significance of different acts. Virtual isn’t always virtual and real isn’t always real.

As a parent, it can be difficult to believe that your child may engage or has engaged in self/peer exploitation (sexting).

We want to help parents manage this growing social challenge by providing guidance on ways to talk to your teen about this issue, possibly to prevent this from happening, along with providing information on what to do if your child is negatively impacted by peers sharing a sexual picture or video.

Currently, the difference between virtual reality porn and traditional smutty video is minor.