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Samsung needs to seriously improve Bixby if it isn’t to go the same way as S Voice.

Anyone would be mad to choose the unfinished product over Google Assistant, which the S8 also offers.

Unfortunately, that’s exactly what’s happened with Bixby.

Bixby Voice, which works in a similar manner to Apple’s Siri, allowing users to control their handset with spoken commands, has been delayed.

It’s a method that’s felt outdated for quite some time. It’s smaller than the 5.5-inch i Phone 7 Plus despite having a significantly larger 5.8-inch screen. Samsung had a choice, and I feel it made the wrong decision.

For many people, the most striking things about Samsung’s new flagship are its ‘bezel-less’ design, ‘Infinity’ display and unusually large screen-to-body ratio. While it’s terrific for watching TV shows and movies on, with one-handed use I can’t get anywhere near the top-left corner of the screen with my thumb (I’m right-handed). Making both the S8 and S8 smaller would have resulted in a pair of handsets that were just as visually appealing, but significantly more compact and practical.

The exact same criticism was levelled at the S7 and S7 Edge last year, and it’s a real shame that Samsung hasn’t addressed it.