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Controversy surrounds these sites and prompted a Department of Justice and FBI investigation into questions about the business model and allegations of insider information sharing. Scott Walker says lawmakers could take action against the sports fantasy websites.Other states, such as Texas, New York and Illinois, have already banned the sites.Stephen Paddock wanted to win and, like any savvy video poker player, knew which machine to lock down at Mandalay Bay. When it struck, Paddock hit the machine lightning quick, going at a rate of 0,000 per hour. Walton said Paddock played 24 hours straight that day in 2007.

After being charged with felonies, Ed Thompson battled on.

Although he was prosecuted, Thompson was not convicted when the district attorney dropped charges after not being able to find enough unbiased jurors sit on Thompson’s trial.

Stephen Paddock, the former IRS agent and professional gambler whose shooting rampage in Las Vegas left 58 victims dead, was a laid-back “goofball” who didn’t have a “serious bone in his body,” a longtime employee of the gunman said Friday.

(Adam Elmahrek, Matt Pearce and Seema Mehta)“Video poker machines made amateur players think they were playing a casino game rather than just pulling a handle," he said.

It is no secret that many bars and taverns throughout Wisconsin have illegal video gambling machines where customers are either losing cash or winning cash.