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Another main source used for this list is a book written in 1905 called Premature Burial and How it May be Prevented which includes several actual cases of premature burials.Virginia Macdonald lived with her father in New York City and became ill, died, and was buried in Greenwood Cemetery, Brooklyn.

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The program is known as I Was Murdered in the United Kingdom, and at the beginning of the third season, which began airing in 2013, the show adopted that title.

The show has ended and has not produced any further episodes since season 3.

Superintendent Nawal Kishore Singh added: 'It is a property dispute.'It's been going on for several years.

'Amit has threatened Ansari many times in the past.'Amit, along with two others, attacked a member of Ansari's family as a warning.

Interesting Fact: When the Les Innocents cemetery in Paris, France was moved from the center of the city to the suburbs the number of skeletons found face down convinced many people and several doctors that premature burial was very common.