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But if anything, love, and the search for it, doesn’t have a religion.

As a Muslim woman myself, I’m just as entitled to it as you are – and that’s exactly what the first episode of Channel 4’s Extremely British Muslims series aims to make.

All The Single Muslims follows the lives of several young Muslims as they search for a partner.

And what a great time it’s come at, too – it’s never been more pressing to present a more humane side to British Muslim womanhood, from being broken-hearted to wondering if you really will find The One.

There are many people who’d argue that a seventh sequel is a bit much; they’d ask, “how many times can you watch The Rock and Vin Diesel and Tyrese and the rest drive fast and blow everything up? ” And you’d respond by saying “at least 8 times” and “no” and “shut up”.