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Let me draw your attention today to something that occurred a couple of weeks ago that I find a little weird.

A You Tube vlogger called boh3m3 put up a video post featuring his theory that Vegemite is a scam perpetrated by Australians, who are attempting to trick foreigners into eating something that's disgusting.

The campaign parodies the way some pharmaceutical manufacturers market their drugs.

Check out the rather amusing web site for Havidol here.

returns to our screens tonight and, apparently, we "can't afford to miss the first five minutes". When the last season ended, Jack, Sawyer, Kate and Fatty had been captured by the "Others", Michael had escaped the island with his son, and Locke and mysterious Scotsman Duncan seemed to blow up the bunker. Well, this rare look inside a scriptwriters meeting for the show gives you some indication. (WARNING: This video contains one bad word and also - if you're paying attention - one spoiler) (The original video above, hosted by Super Deluxe, seems to be down a lot, so here's a link to a You Tube version.) This was created by comedy group Olde English. Never fear, there is at least one man who's still single and available.