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Margaret Grace Denig, professionally famous as Maggie Grace is an American actress born on September 21, 1983.

She is best known for her roles in the film Lost and the Taken trilogy.

Last week, three members of the β€œnew” 2016 Magcon – Blake Gray, Brandon Rowland and his brother Hunter Rowland – clashed online in a fight that spanned multiple social media networks and phones.

During the fight, the best friends deleted their photos together, blocked each other and aired out Later, his best friend and fellow 2016 Magcon member Blake Gray decided to throw some shade. Although some people might have taken such a comment in stride, it was later revealed that Hunter has serious body insecurities and was bullied throughout his life.

Apparently, Blake was now hanging out with a new group of friends that Hunter did not like, which soured their relationship.